About Juhar

Juhar Parivar, the largest and oldest Socio Cultural Organization outside Odisha, founded in the year 2000 and registered as a trust in the year 2013. It represents the ethos of Western Odisha and its people. Juhar, means “Namaskaara” and people in Western Odisha greets with “Juhar” to seniors upon meeting them.

Juhar Parivar, is widely known for its social activities like: Annual Blood Donation Camp, Fund Raising for Poor Patients, Scribe Writing for specially abled students (Divyaang), Supporting Old age homes (Ashrams), Raising child labor Issues with Government, Rescuing Women from human trafficking, Plantation, Swach Bharat Abhiyaan.

OUR Vision

Our vision is to enhance human bond within the context of cultural diversity and engagement of people towards a generous and responsible society, by improving outcomes for everyone while narrowing the cultural & emotional gap

OUR Mission

Our mission is to embrace the value of social inclusion and connect people without discrimination


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